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If you are looking for an economical way to heat a room, garage, or out building that doesn't have central heat, a space heater is the way to go. Avoid costly central heat additions to your home by purchasing one of the efficient, economical space heaters offered on our site from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Challenger Floor Furnace 75000 BTUs

Challenger Floor Furnace Space Heater 75000 BTUs

∙ 10-year warranty for combustion chamber
∙ 100% safety pilot
∙ Wall thermostat
∙ Pyrex viewing window
∙ Draft diverter to prevent pilot outtage
∙ No electricity required
∙ Manual spark igniter

The COZY Challenger provides warm even heat all winter long through the natural convection of circulating warm air. COZY's scientific design assures a high volume air exchange (as much as three to five times each hour), guaranteeing uniform temperatures from floor to ceiling. The wall thermostat provides maximum comfort and convenience - set it and forget it!

The COZY Challenger features a factory mounted control with built-in pressure regulator and 100% safety pilot. All controls are millivolt/self-energizing, and require no electricity to operate; therefore, there is no need to worry about losing heat during a power failure!

The COZY Challenger occupies no room space and is easily installed between floor joists. The four models are available in four sizes to fit virtually any application. The heavy-duty steel baked-enamel floor register blends perfectly with any flooring composition - hardwood, carpet, or tile!

The Safety Limit Control on a Cozy Furnace offers you two settings to assure proper performance in any winter weather.

Cozy Value Features:
∙ NARROW WIDTH 30,000 BTU MODEL - Installs between a standard 16" center joist without cutting the joist.
∙ CONTINUOUS-SEAM WELDED COMBUSTION CHAMBER - constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel maximizes heat transfer. Warranted for 10 years.
∙ INNER JACKET is suspended with "U" type interlocking brackets and is easily removed for cleaning.
∙ JET TUBE BURNERS are durably constructed of aluminized steel and provide excellent flame characteristics for both Natural and L.P./gas. Slotted-port design eliminates ignition and extinction noise.
∙ 100% SAFETY PILOT/BUILT-IN PRESSURE REGULATOR completely stops the flow of gas in the event pilot flame is extinguished. The built in pressure regulator protects against line pressure surge.
∙ LOW BTU PILOT is durably constructed of stainless steel and provides maximum efficiency during standby.
∙ SAFETY LIMIT CONTROL maintains the lowest possible grill temperature consistent with heating required. Also cycles unit off in the event grill is blocked by a rug or furniture.
∙ WALL THERMOSTAT is standard on all models and provides maximum comfort and ease of operation.
∙ PYREX VISION CAP provides quick, safe visual check of burner and pilot operation.
∙ DRAFT DIVERTER is standard on all units and prevents pilot and burner outage due to downdraft.
∙ MILLIVOLT CONTROL ASSEMBLY - means no electricity is required to operate the unit. Heat is provided - even during a power failure!
∙ MATCHLESS SPARK IGNITION - eliminates the need f

Cozy Direct Vent Wall Furnace 33000 BTUs

Cozy Direct Vent Wall Furnace Space Heater 33000 BTUs

• Direct vent convenience
• Compact design
• Mobile home approved
• Vent safety device
• Cast-iron slotted port burners
• Low BTU pilot
• Mounted control assemblies
• Optional thermostatically controlled fan
• Manual spark igniter

The Cozy Direct Vent Furnace is the perfect choice for today's zone heating needs. It mounts easily on any outside wall and occupies a minimum of space. The sealed combustion chamber draws air for combustion from out of doors and exhausts the products of combustion to the outside keeping room air fresh as springtime. The telescoping vent assembly containing air inlet tube vent tube, and cap is included eliminating the need for expensive and difficult to install vent pipe systems. A built-in bulb stat or wall mounted thermostatic control provides exact temperature control even if the power fails. All controls include 100% safety pilot and pressure regulator for safe efficient operation.

Contemporary styling in attractive Neutral Bone with rich woodgrain panel blends with any decor. The louvred cabinet design maximizes airflow to provide even temperatures from floor to ceiling. Optional automatic blower provides even better circulation.
Cozy's slotted-port burner design assures quiet ignition and extinction and cast iron construction provides excellent flame characteristics for both Natural and Propane gas. Burner and control are easily removed for cleaning and service.

Cozy Direct Vents feature installed controls that include an energy efficient low-Btu, 100% safety-pilot, a built-in pressure regulator for either Natural or Propane Gas and convenient, matchless manual park igniter. Cozy's control system generates its own power and, therefore requires no electricity to operate, assuring heat even during a power failure! Cozy Direct Vents are offered with built-in bulb stat or convenient wall thermostat control. Continuous seam-welded combustion chamber of cold roll steel maximizes heat transfer and bears a 10-year warranty.

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Cozy Closed Front Vented Console with Blower 70000 BTUs

Cozy Closed Front Vented Console Space Heater with Blower 70000 BTUs

• Closed Front Console
• Matchless spark ignition
• 100% safety pilot switch
• Cast-iron slotted port burners
• 10 year warranted combustion chamber
• Top control and louvers
• Infinite speed thermostatic blower

Cozy Vented Console Heaters represent a unique heating value, incorporating quality, efficiency, and attractive contemporary styling at an affordable price! The rich earthtone baked enamel finish high-lighted by a woodgrain front panel gives a fine furniture appearance.
Cozy offers two styles from which to choose. The Cozy Radiant Front Console provides the charm and radiated warmth of an open fireplace, plus circulated warm air. The Cozy Closed Front Console provides the same high degree of styling and circulated warmth at an even more economical price!

Cozy Vented Consoles are packed with features insuring Durability, Maximum Comfort and Safety. Textured steel cabinetry finished in a high-temp baked enamel painted surface resists scratching and fading, yet enhances each unit's appearance. Each unit is fully equipped with a 100% low-Btu safety pilot and modulating, top-operated temperature control with a pressure regulator for either natural or propane gas.

Total safety is assured by a "Vent Spill Safety Switch", which cycles the unit off in the event of flue blockage or incorrect installation. An optional blower is offered on the 35,000 and 50,000 Btu units; while a factory-installed blower is available on the 50,000 and 70,000 Btu units. The infinite speed thermostatically controlled counterflow blower warms floors, eliminates air stratification and distributes warm air throughout the room.

Cozy Value Features:
• Top Control provides "no-stoop" access for temperature selection.
• Thermostat Sensing Bulb monitors room temperature and maintains heat at desired setting.
• Cast Iron Slotted-Port Burner is designed to provide economic operation and quiet ignition and extinction. Guaranteed for life of the unit.
• Modulating Control assures quiet unit operation, eliminating "hard" ignition.
• Multi-Louvered Top directs warm air toward room. Assures maximum heat distribution.
• Continuous-Seam Welded Combustion Chamber is durably constructed and assures maximum rapid heat transfer. Warranted for 10 years.
• Infinite Speed Thermostatic Blower provides even heat distribution throughout room. (Available for all units except 20,000 Btu.) Controls located at unit top for convenience.
• Vent Spill Safety Switch automatically shuts unit off in the event of flue blockage or incorrect vent installation.

Availability: Usually ships the next business

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